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Tuokiy Pet Tracker - Thin and Lightweight Pet Activity Monitor for Dogs & Cats - Mood Detection

Tuokiy Pet Tracker - Thin and Lightweight Pet Activity Monitor for Dogs & Cats - Mood Detection

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    Set up optimized activity goal to keep your pet health: Set up the optimized daily activity goal based on the breed, age and weight of your pet and track the status. You can check out the graphic data easily to monitor the status of pet, including walking, playing, light sleep and deep sleep
    Monitor and record the mood for asssiting consultation: Is your dog and cat happy today? Is Health condition okay? Do they have sufficient activity time and deep sleep? 24/7 nonstop monitoring the data of activity and sleep. You will not miss any of them. Integrating analysis of health condition and mood of your pet would be a huge assist for vet diagnosis when necessary.
    Record the moment and reminder: Make use of "Event Note" in the mobile app, Record every treasure moment with your dog and cat by taking and saving the photo. Furthermore, set up reminder and record about consultation, vaccination, debug time. App will remind you per your instructios.
    Anti lost: Switch on Anti-lost function in the app when go out with your dog. Together with our pet tracker, app will alert you if your dog is out of range.
    Usage and method: Tuokit pet activity monitor is similar to fitbit. It is ultra thin and lightweight, weight is 0.3oz only. Matchs different kind of pet collar. Fits for any size of pet. IP66 waterproof design allows your pet to play. rest even shower along with the pet activity monitor.
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